Monday, November 24, 2008

Crayon Roll--Check this out!!

My friend Marcy is so incredibly creative and talented. She is the one who designed and made all of the adorable personalized burp cloths you probably see laying all around our house....and a few of you have received some for your own little spitter-uppers.

Well, for anyone with a toddler, you must have one of her newest creations---the Crayon Roll. Check out the pics above. To keep a 2 year old interested and behaving well, you must have crayons with you at ALL times, but how do you carry them? In the past they would be thrown haphazardly into whatever bag you are using...marking up the inside, breaking into pieces, hiding in diaper bag crevices unable to find...pretty much a total pain. But fear no more...Marcy has the answer! Check out all of her creative ideas for babies and toddlers at
Thanks Marcy!


Kimmy said...

Totally cool!! ELlie would love such a thing!!

Marcy B. said...

Thanks Kara for the great post! I hope Anna likes it and you received it before for your Turkey day trip!