Sunday, May 31, 2009

Let Me Try This Again...Mini Road Warriors

**Whoopsy!! Please ignore my last post--I somehow hit publish...dunno how, but I did. Anyway, here's the post complete:

I am just so excited for spring and summer this year! I've come to the conclusion because of the weather in Chicago, spring is NOT the ultimate time to have a baby. Everyone says, oh, that's so'll have the summer....yadayadayada. So, ya, I thought May was going to be the perfect month to have a baby and that we were so fortunate that timing worked out according to our meant no hyperthermal internal pregnancy thermometer in the dead of summer and nice long walks with the baby in July. WRONG! Having also had an August baby, I've come to realize that I much preferred getting through the summer preggers and having a newborn in the fall. Why?....

The midwest humidity just makes it too darn miserable for a newborn baby to be outside for too long, so last summer was no fun at all. We were stuck inside almost every single day...if we didn't get ourselves out the door by 8am, forget it....too hot! I tried and tried. We did play groups every Tuesday at 11am at local parks...misery. I tried taking her for walks in the Quinny with her car seat attachment in just a onesie...nope, too much. So, then I'd try using the bassinet attachment on the twin stroller...absolutely no ventilation, so even worse!! And of course, there's always the Bjorn...misery for us both when it's 85+ outside. It never failed...each time we'd get home my poor Align Centerlittle Josie would be soaking wet head to toe and beat red. So then I'd worry myself sick until she cooled down and her color returned to normal!! In contrast, A few short weeks after Anna was born, September came...the weather was perfect and we were outside all the time.

But, this got it, no sweat away little ones! Well, today on our way home from Wildberry (best brunch place around) we spotted a bunch of happy little ones being pulled in those little trailer thingys that attach to your bike. You know, the ones that look like little traveling tents with a big orange flag sticking up over the top?? You know, like this:

So, yep, we ran right out and bought one! Then we pumped up the bike tires that had been unused for over 3 years and went for a spin! The girls LOVED it and throughout our entire ride, I kept hearing Anna's little voice behind me say "mommy, I like this"!! Here are a few pics of our little road warriors...

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What To Do With Yourself When Idol Is Over...

You tune in to an even better show with obscene amounts of talent. Our absolute (yes, D.J. too) favorite show is So You Think You Can Dance. This show puts Dancing With The Stars to shame. I don't know what it is...maybe it's my love for music or I guess it could be my obsession with dance, but it is addicting!! Even more so than American Idol. Well, I had it in my head all day today that it was on tonight. Kitchen clean, in bed, check...Anna happy on the couch with her "nack",'s go time. I turned on FOX and ahhhh,'s tomorrow. Ah well, can't wait for tomorrow night! You gotta join me on the SYTYCD train!!

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Who's Your Best Friend?

So, last night as Anna settled into bed for the evening, I bent over for a hug....she wrapped her tiny arms around my neck and said sweetly "mommy, you're my best friend"...I melted!!

(Note: just 10 minutes prior, she had declared to D.J. that he was her best friend, but I didn't care!...i'll take it!) :-)

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Very Special (but busy) Weekend

It's believed that we are reborn into faith through Baptism. Baptism is arguably the most important moment in the life of a faithful I always get emotional at Baptisms. I will's hard not to feel the Grace of God when looking at these two beautiful children on their very own Baptism Day:

Doesn't Ellie look gorgeous in this pic?

Godparents! What a special and huge responsibility!

Feeding the fish...

Yes, Josie is taking steps!!

In the same weekend we also celebrated their real birthdays!! Here are some party pics... Thanks for the fun Ellie & Cole!

Me with all my favorite little people!

D.J. also had a chance to sneak away and visit 2 of the other little ladies in our lives...
and YAY! Michelle moved back to Columbus, so we also had some big girl fun!!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Conversations With A 2 Year Old

Me: Anna, do you want to go to the park?
Anna: Why?
Me: Because it's such a nice day, I thought it would be fun.
Anna: Why?
Me: Well, because it's warm and it's not raining so we should go to the park and play!
Anna: Why's it not raining?
Me: Some days it rains and some days it's sunny and today it's sunny! So do you want to go to the park?
Anna: Why? (a couple seconds pass)...why mommy?
Anna: oh, ok....I want to go to the park.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Meet The Tomkat Studio

The next lovely lady I'd like to introduce you to is Kim Stoegbauer from The Tomkat Studio. Now this is a girl that I swear, if we lived closer we'd be BFF!! Kim chases after little ones of her own at home and when she's not wearing her mommy hat, she turns all of her creative energy into The Tomkat Studio. She designs invitations, stationary for that special occasion or for no reason at all!...she can assist you with the cutest ideas for party planning and provides regular fun creative updates on home decor and personal accessories on her website. I love checking her updates!!

She created all of the adorable paper products for Josie's Lollipop Party. Check them out below:

The Invitation

The Thank You Card

The Door Sign

The Favor Tags

ALSO, she creates these adorable one of a kind frames. They are 12x12..big, i know! So perfect for adding a little bit of whimsy to your living space. My very own is pictured below. These are the greatest little gifts...housewarming, birthday, thank you...for any occasion really!

So check her out at ...have fun browsing and getting to know this amazing girl!!

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Andrea Brogle Photographer

How do you capture a moment and hold on to it forever??'s so true that your memory fades, but a photograph lasts a lifetime. In light of my previous post, the next extemely talented girl that I had the pleasure to meet this spring and would like to introduce you to is Andrea Brogle. I happened upon Andrea's website while, yes you guessed it, doing what I always! (what did I ever do before google)?? I instantly loved her artistic style and just HAD to have her come snap some pics of my little divas and all their cuteness. And being the planner that I am, I scheduled her waaayyy far in advance...which gave me way too much time to obsess over what they would wear. So much so that eventually I was just in baby fashion overload...and they just looked cute in everything as one Oilily dress faded into the next. Well, lucky for me, Andrea is also willing to offer up her photo session fashion sense!

So, as you can see below, Andrea came out to our house and captured some really fun moments. Isn't that great?...she does house visits! Ok, so I know that maybe lots of photographers do this, but it's definitely a new concept for me. But, I loved it!! No stranger frightened baby clinging to me for dear life or overstimulated toddler running circles around the camera with tangled hair going every which direction. Just my kids in their comfort zone.

So check Andrea out if you have your own little cuties and want to capture those heartfelt expressions in works of art.

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Saturday, May 9, 2009


Help us!! Our slideshow from our photo session is live and will only be available for 5 days!!! Please take a look and let us know which images are your favorite. For grandparents and family, if you would like an image for yourself, please let us know that as well. Here's how to log in:

Go to

Click on "Client Proofing"

in the box provided enter the passcode 2girlsHart

click submit

The best thing to do is copy and paste the passcode straight from above. If you enter it manually, just be sure to capitalize the H or you won't be able to get in. Thank you!!!

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