Friday, February 20, 2009

Fashion Week Closing day...the supersized edition!

Yes, in NY, a week lasts 8 days!! But the curtains are finally closing...Wow! This week was crazy, but I did it....I brought the girls' closets to you every morning (or night)! For those of you who were actually amused, thanks for tuning in! :-) I have to be honest, though, I'm SOOO happy that I don't have to snap any pics tomorrow!! So I was standing in front of their closets tonight looking at each little garment thinking..."ew, that's cute...should have put her in that this week". But, somehow, between hurried diapers, waffles and braids this is what they ended up in today:

Pic Above: Anna
Pink Ice Skating Tee--Crewcuts, JCrew Kids
Pink knit/tulle skirt--Sister Sam (this was a Bloomingdales sample that Alex gave her forever tags, had to call Alex to confirm Sister Sam)
Hot pink printed tights: Oilily
Sparkly mary janes: Lelli Kelly

Pics Above: Happy Josie--yes, those are HUGE smiles behind the paci! Sorry the pics
are blurry...i think something is wrong with every camera we own)!
Flower play dress: Tea Collection
Pink matching leggings: Tea Collection
Pink furry boots: Robeez

BONUS FEATURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Anna & I had a little mommy daughter day today. I skipped out on work a little early (if you work with me, shhh..don't tell)! Anyway, I picked up Anna and we ran some errands, had lunch together, went shopping, designed these cute crocks & gibbitz (did i spell that right?), had ice cream and SO MUCH FUN! Being with Anna reminds me of what it felt like to be a little girl.

Above is a tribute to winter---one of my favorite little dresses. This is a pink corduroy dress from Oilily. The detailing is so adorable...wish you could see it better in this pic. On the front is stitched "Little Miss Lucky". She didn't actually wear this anywhere today....I just threw it on her right before dinner and snapped a pic.

had to catch the Oilily signature layered look.

AND a sneak peek at Spring! Anna in Baby Lulu rockin her new crocs!

..and there's more cuteness!! Today I called my sister and asked her to snap some quick pics of what her kids were wearing...and the they are:

Pic Above: Cole Vogueing (this is so cute---it looks like he's striking a pose...I love how his knee is cocked)!!
Tee with Stripe: Recco S
Plaid preppy board shorts: Ecko Unlimited
Socks: Ralph Lauren
Mom said "he refused to put shoes on"

Pic Above: Trendy Ellie
Orange graphic tee: Oilily
Skirt: IKKS
Footless tights: Me Too
No-see socks: Justice
Sparkly mary janes: Lelli Kelly

I am in LOVE with this picture...wish the quality were better!!, you need a new camera! ;-)
But, they look like they are rockin it out!!...this picture must have been taken mid chorus! Cole just looks like he's about to bust out some P Diddy moves..haha. I LOVE it...wish I was there at that moment! xoxoxo to them.

Ahhh, the curtains are closed and the runway is empty. Till next time...(which will probs be never)!! ;-)


Kimmy said...

Everyone looks so adorable!!!!

Sorry about my kiddos pictures I tried to get them clear. What I sent were the best ones!

Fashion week was fun! You should defiantly do it again sometime. Even if it is not Fashion week....ha!

Much love....

Marcy B. said...

that was a ton of work, but appreciated by us all! your girls are just cutie pies!