Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Conversations With A 2 Year Old

Me: Anna, do you want to go to the park?
Anna: Why?
Me: Because it's such a nice day, I thought it would be fun.
Anna: Why?
Me: Well, because it's warm and it's not raining so we should go to the park and play!
Anna: Why's it not raining?
Me: Some days it rains and some days it's sunny and today it's sunny! So do you want to go to the park?
Anna: Why? (a couple seconds pass)...why mommy?
Anna: oh, ok....I want to go to the park.

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Kimmy said...

The "Why Stage" is just so much fun!! :) Love you Anna Beans!!

~Billie~ said...

LOL! Too cute. Gotta love that stage. I wonder if my middle child will EVER grow out of it.

hayze said...

That is so cute!!! I can just picture it...you guys having this conversation! I miss you naners...& mae-mae too! Well, this is my last week of work so maybe I can pass by next week & play with the girls! Talk to you soon! Give 'em kisses for me! Take cares!