Sunday, June 21, 2009

All Daddy, All Day

One thing that I know for certain in this crazy world is that I chose the perfect father for my children. That I know without a doubt. Thank you for being the daddy that fixes all boo-boos, calms all fears, is the King of fun and the ultimate provider. You are the perfect role model for our girls to measure all men me, there is no better gift. Happy Father's Day D.J....thank you for taking this adventure with me! Now for some pics of our fun day:

Anna & Josie with Daddy before mass
Happy Father's Day Daddy!!

Another special day spent with Katie & Jack

Daddy helping Anna win!

Josie slept through it all

Daddy is so happy...he finally gets his Wii!!

Josie says what she thinks...

Daddy's two favorite things...his girls and the Reds!

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Kimmy said...

Happy Father's Day D.J!