Friday, July 24, 2009

Diary Confessions Of A Girl

I think every little kid should keep a diary, if not for the sole purpose of entertaining them when they're older! My mom has been cleaning house over the past year or so, and when I say cleaning house, I mean purging everything under her roof that is no longer useful. I am a purger, I hate clutter, so I'm not sure why she's waited this long to do it!! But, while in this process, she came across boxes and boxes of stuff, my stuff. And somewhat like a punishment, she made me take them home!! I couldn't just toss them out without actually investigating what's inside. What if I threw away something extremely valuable?..something I couldn't live without? Even being the purger that I am, I had to at least take a, I came across a diary. I remember this diary, but I don't really remember what I had to say to it. Here are just a few excerpts that had me LOL:

Dec 28th, 1987 "Diary, there is someone in school m'i ni eolv iwth " apparently I felt the need to talk to my diary in code.

Dec 30th 1987 "Today diary I've figured out my sister is a big bratt...whine, whine, all she ever does is whine. I've had it with her...I've put up with her for 7 years...since she was born!"

"while you're up, lets talk (or write i mean)...Kim just said she saw Tom Cruise (bragger) and she has never seen him. (Yawn)"

Jan 2, 1990 "Later Heather gave us our Christmas present. It's perfume and it smells's called Malibu Musk and it comes in a can." ---I laughed out loud at this one again just now while writing it.

"I made my mom a calendar, I worked hard on it, very hard and all I get is a thank you and a kiss. Then I get yelled at for everything else I do."

Jan 2nd, 1990 "My favorite song is "Blame it on the rain" by Milly Vanilly. I wanted to go to Harts or K-mart to get his tape, but my mom doesn't want to go."

Dec 31 1991 "I was going out with this guy named ### ##### at the beginning of 8th grade, but he was a jerk (one of the many)"

Jan 1st 1996 "I know he plans on staying together, but I'm guy-crazy. That explains everything" ---writing about what will happen when I graduate and go to college.

Jan 14th 1996 "Right now I'm stricken with guilt. See, today is our 9 month anniversary and we kinda had plans. Well, I cancelled on him and went out with my friends which turned out to be the biggest flop. So, now he's skiing and instead i'm laying here thinking of him".

Feb 14th 1996 "This has probably been the worst Valentine's Day ever! I didn't get crap, I don't feel good and I endulged in chocolate. It can't get any worse than this." -- well, that's what happens when you blow him off to go out with your friends instead!

Oh to be young again...

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Kimmy said...

Its been a trip going through all the stuff that mom has held on to. As I went through it with her I kept saying "Im not doing this for my kids"!!!

Entry Dec 30th 1987 cracks me up!!!! Its all good I know you love me now! ;). I am sure Ellie and Anna someday will be thinking the same thing about their littles.

Love you!!!! :)

Christina said...

I love it! Very cool that your mom found your diary...I love looking through old things. :-)