Friday, July 10, 2009

How Do I Love Thee...Let Me Count The Ways...

...i love Matilda Jane that is! So, this is what I figure: One day, and one day very soon, my girls are not gonna want to wear anything at that I so much as mention I kinda like. So, I figure now, when they're young, they're going wear what I want them to wear...and I'm going to have fun doing it!! Now's the time! And all of you know I loooooove Matilda's so sweet, so innocent, so girly and so fiesty!
And you also all know that it's ridiculously hard to get!! The popular pieces sell out fast and re-sell for far more than their worth retail. Ok, so like 2x a year (2x a year only!!!!) the creator of Matilda Jane does these Art Fair sales where you can actually go shop and take stuff right home with you!! So, of course, other crazy MJ lovers travel far and wide to get their goodies.
So I've had this internal battle going on for the past 24 hours b/c one of these yearly art fairs is this weekend!!!! Plymouth, MI. Ok, so not far, but far, you know what I mean? My dear sister wanted me to meet her there for a fun day of MJ shopping. Sounds great. But, I would have had to go and come back in one day and each way is 5 hours!!! ouch. So I was totally committed to doing it with Anna. Would have been a fun outing for us, right??? Well, then I saw the weather forecast and I was literally touch and go from 5am-6am this morning. Yes, I seriously considered doing this today...5 hours there, shop, 5 hours home. But, the forecast was no good and all I could think of was driving back to Chicago through rush hour in the rain. And for those of you who live in Chicago, you know that so much as a rain cloud appears and everyone forgets how to drive. And then traffic is beyond all misery. So, by 6:30am, I knew my chances were gone and it was too late. If I was going to go, I should have left 30 min ago. So I agonized over it for about 2 more hours and then finally let it go.
Fortunately I have a sister who is equally, if not more, obsessed with MJ for my little niece Ellie. She was on a mission today. Up at the crack of dawn, hitting the road with kids in tow to search out all of the coveted MJ pieces that are so hard to get. She got there as soon as the sale started and called me straight away so I could shop via cell phone!!! Yay Kim...thank you, thank you, thank you! And thanks to my mom, who met her there on her way home from the lake to help assist in our mission (i know you think we're crazy)! :-) Below are pics of all the racks and racks of clothes.
In the car on the way home to Ohio, my sister told me that my 5 yr old niece Ellie told her that when she talked to Aunt Kara on the cell phone earlier I told her to hold on tight to her clothes and not to ever put them down...haha. I know how the MJ crazees can get...and Ellie was carrying around a very hard to get dress she picked out for herself. I could just picture her accidentally setting it would have been immediately snagged up to never be seen again. But that made me laugh. She probably thought her Mommy and Aunt had officially gone mental.

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Kimmy said...

Yay!! I can finally leave a comment! It wasnt working before!

We had so much fun shopping! So wish you could have been there!! Thank you for getting Ellie her dress. She loves it and wanted to wear it to bed!! Next year we will go to 435 and make a weekend out of it!! Soo Fun!!!!:)

Jenn said... that I have a girl I might have to look into this too! :) What adorable dresses!