Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I ♥ Catalogs

And I'm not talking about all those catalogs just full of junk, those get an immediate ticket on the garbage train....i'm talking about linens from Restoration Hardware, handbags from Saks, sweaters from Nordy's, sparklies from Tiffany's, holiday plates from Williams Sonoma...ya know, those catalogs!! I love them...so it's a darn good thing it's catalog season! I counted today...yea, we got 11 catalogs in the mail, most of which ended up in the trash. But I still ended up with a good handful of catalogs full of stuff I just might need! :-) So each night I retire to bed with my pile and struggle to keep one eye pried open just so I can keep up with this influx of holiday merchandise. But, I love it! Most of the time, I'm just window shopping...suprisingly looking is almost as fun as buying. Not quite, but almost. However, I just succumbed to these from Chasing Fireflies...really? how can one resist???

Seriously, get them now. Most sizes are already on backorder. ;-)

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