Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Me?...A Mom?

This morning I took Anna to the Kindergarten open house at our Catholic school to check it out and meet the teachers. During a tour of the school, she was so excited to see the big kids and I could tell she was just completely mesmerized by them. They fascinated was almost like she finally realized that she in fact would not be a grown-up when she got to Kindergarten, like she had previously believed and that there was a whole other world out there waiting for her. And I just kept thinking, am I really that mom dragging her kid through this open house peering into the classrooms staring at all the pimply faced pre-adolescents? And am I going to blink my eyes and those will be my kids? Jeez, I guess some days I just don't feel like a mom. I mean, aren't moms supposed to be embarrassing, boring and just flat out not cool (no offense mom)? Really, here are just 10 reasons why I sometimes have to stop and I really a mom?

1. I love Taylor Swift and download her stuff onto my ipod...some Miley Cyrus stuff too. I also know just about every word to any song on the Billboard top 100 at any given time.

2. I would scream and kick and throw a teenage tantrum if someone took my cell phone away. My monthly package must consist of unlimited messaging and call time otherwise I just might die.
3. I love my trendy flannel shirt, although I have yet to succumb to the black leggings and boots look...and considering spring is right around the corner, I think may be home free.

4. Almost every night, the girls and I have a dance party in their not much has changed from 10 years ago.

5. I listen to music constantly and at extremely loud obnoxious levels. Anna has to ask me to turn it down and to stop shaking my booty.

6. Gossip!! I am diligent about making sure I stay up to date with the who's dating who, who did what in Hollywood. I would actually read Tiger Beat if it somehow happened to appear in my hands.

7. "Whatever" and "Totally" are still staples in my vocabulary.

8. I am a huge texter. But, OMG..I can't do it quite as fast as the kiddos and I NEVER do it while driving...KWIM?

9. I will be at the very first showing of the new star studded movie "Valentine's Day" on Feb 12th and can't wait!!....already got a sitter.

10. I still love the mall.

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Becky said...

I am totally right there with you! Cute blog!