Monday, February 8, 2010

Musings Of A 3 Yr Old

Last night we had what Anna calls her "Superbowl Party", but really it was just a little family soiree. But, while we were cuddling on the couch tonight, she looked at me quizzicaly , narrowed her eyes a little and the following conversation ensued:

Anna: "Mama? Um, where were you at my Superbowl Party"
Me: laughing quietly..."what do you mean?"
Anna: "Were you at my Superbowl Party with my cousins?"
Me: "Yes, Anna I was there"
Anna: a little giggle "oh, I don't remember"

Um, I was there the entire time...talking, drinking beer, eating pizza, cleaning, etc. I fed her, several times told her to quit running, and sat across from her at the table as I cut cake for her cousin's b-day and served her the piece she specifically asked for. See, mama is chopped liver when her cousins (who she worships) are around!! :-)

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Kimmy said...

Love you Anna! So sweet!