Monday, February 1, 2010


Saturday night we took the girls to our quaint little mexican restaurant for a fun family dinner...code for strong 'ritas for mom and dad! We knowingly have about 45 minutes before all h*ll breaks loose and our little ladies are out of their seats terrorizing the entire restaurant. And on Saturday, they were right on schedule!....but as we hurriedly whisked the server away to ring up our tab, we looked over and instead of dancing up and down the aisle, Anna was standing perfectly still, balancing on one foot with her arms perfectly arched over her head. When I asked her what she was doing, she exclaimed "my tree pose"! Uh, is part of the preschool curriculum these days. Oh how times have changed!! I'm pretty sure when I was in preschool I was pushed into the swimming pool (yes, there was a swimming pool...oh the horror) by some annoying little having gone completely unnoticed by anyone, let alone a teacher or adult of some sort. So obviously no one was concerned with a preschooler's inner peace back then!

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