Thursday, April 22, 2010

Urban Inspired

Ok, so I have a good excuse for not posting for so long this time...I didn't have a computer!! But, it's back now. So, hopefully the posts will start flowing more frequently again. Today I got an email from my favorite wedding photographer SIMON YAO saying he'll be here in Chicago this summer and asking if we want to do a session with him somewhere in the city. Well, we already have A & J covered by the uber talented Miss Andrea Brogle in early June, but I've been kinda wanting to do a session with just D and I considering we got married 5 yrs ago this past December...and I think he just keeps getting hotter!

But, I've been hesistant for 2 reasons. a) the hunt for the right photographer is enough to make me crazy. And b) because those of you that know us well, know that we are sooooo not the overly cheesy romantic kind...barf, ick. I SO do not want any images of us on a the beach gazing longingly into each other's eyes with mounds of cheeseball flowers behind us. It is should i say it?...not us.
But, I've been thinking it would be so "us" to have images captured in a truly urban Chicago setting. No matter where I live, I will always be a city girl at heart. I just love the energy, the frenzied activity, the anonymity and the character. Plus, we just love this city and while others may think of The Cubs, the lake, and Michigan Ave when they think of Chicago...the images below are how I see Chicago as our home. Do you know how many times we've walked up similar El steps or crossed that river? And so, I'm inspired. And hoping that Simon will go for it. But, if not...i'll be searching for someone that will.
So below is the oh so famous Kinzie St bridge. Those that live here probably recognize it. I'm sure a bunch of gorgeous wedding pics have been taken here. Actually, Alex (if you're reading), was this where some of yours were taken? Hmm, may have to get your photographer's info...

How Chicago and urban are these El platform steps below? I can picture some great images on these steps.

Ok, nevermind the bridal party, look at this amazing cobblestone alley. Does anyone know where this is? It looks like theater posters on the wall. But I love the exposed brick and think images here could be really cool.

I have no idea where this pic was taken, but how Chicago is this pic?

Even pics near an actual El train/on the El have lots of potential.

And who could ignore the gorgeous Chicago architecture...Alta Vista Terrace for example below. I feel like lots could be done on those sidewalks.

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