Friday, May 28, 2010

Gimme My Refund!

Do you know what this little do-hickey is? It's called a Clarisonic skin brush....made by the same genuises that produced the Sonicare toothbrush. You know, the automated toothbrush made for those people who are just too lazy to actually move their hand up and down to brush their own teeth. God forbid you should have to manually brush your teeth...oh, the horror!!!

But, I somehow managed to fall victim to this little device above. It promises to clean your skin 6x better than manual cleansing and remove dry patches, clean up problem skin and maybe even reduce fine lines. And, so it seems, every last little consumer review is nothing but ravetastic (yes I just made up that word). Finally one day while browsing needlessly through Sephora, I bit the bullet and decided to try it. I hoped it would do all it promised and more. And with a price tag of $195, it better!

I took it home and got started that evening, so excited! My skin was going to be like a baby's bottom.


After 5 days I saw absolutely no difference, so I packed it up and marched back to Sephora to get my money back. However, I fell victim again. I was just about 5 inches into the store when I was already being lectured about how I didn't give it enough time. So, I turned around, took it back home and for the next 6 weeks used it religiously in the morning and in the evening every single day.

Well, I finally returned it today. I really can't say anything bad about it, I just felt for the spendy price tag it better work some small miracles on my skin....and it didn't. Sure my face felt soft and glowy right after using it, but it didn't last. Plus, I felt like I was getting better results from just a simple glycolic acid at home peel once or twice a week. So, naturally, i took it back!

It's amazing how much this bothered the Sephora woulda thought I called their baby ugly or something. As if it weren't bad enough that I had a team of 3 lecturing me on what a miracle the Clarisonic is, the rest were standing around giving me the "i can't believe she's returning that" stares. It's total blasphemy!!

But, hey, you can't say I didn't give it a fair try! Sorry Clarisonic.

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Rachel said...

Oh Kara, I did the same thing around Christmas, with the same conclusion :) If there is a gimmick out there, I am confident one of us will find it!!

ps - love Josie's bday pics, you are such a great mom!! I'm on etsy now ordering stuff for our joint party in Aug (tea/princes + superhero. quite the combo!!)
xoxo Rach