Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Dishes Are Done

One thing I've learned in my 5 short years of marriage is that men and women have starkly different definitions of "doing the dishes".

To a woman, doing the dishes is a constant chore, something neverending. Including constantly scouring the house for any and all sippy cups, lose utensils, snack traps and scrubbing all dishes after every meal before going in the dishwasher just to repeat each and every day...sometimes twice.

A man will walk into a sparkling clean kitchen with a glass of water in his hand, open the dishwasher and see that it's full, add his one little glass and some dishwashing liquid and push the "on" button.

Later at some point that same evening he will exclaim to his wife "did you see???...i did the dishes!" And he will expect some type of medal for his sacrifice.

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