Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mommy You're Embarrassing Me

Anna gave me a good chuckle at my own expense in the car on the way home tonight. This is my best attempts at a recap:

Anna: "Mommy, I like it when daddy takes me to school!"

Me: "I know honey, daddy took you to school on Friday didn't he? I know you really like that."

Ok, here it comes...

Anna: "Yea, I like it when daddy takes me to school because he looks the best!"



Me: "What was that? I think I heard you wrong...why do you like it when daddy takes you to school?"

Anna: rolls eyes "Because I told you, I said he looks the best!"

Me: "oh, you don't think mommy looks good?"

Anna: "Yea you do mommy, you look good....(pauses and contemplates for a second)...well, I mean sometimes you do and sometimes you don't"

Me: "oh, well when don't I look good?"

Anna: "When you have your little glasses on....not your big ones, i like your big ones (sunglasses)....and when you're hair isn't down"

Whoopsy, she just might be referring to the mornings when I roll out of bed, throw on some jeans, pull my hair back and haul them off to school without brushing my hair or my teeth. I guess it's time I start worrying about embarrassing her! lol

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Alex said...

wait, besides the obvious hilarity of the sitch, i can't believe there is eye rolling all ready!!!!