Tuesday, September 30, 2008

October 1st is Tomorrow

This is my very first post on the blog. I can't believe tomorrow is October 1st...the summer just flew by without any warning and here we are sifting through catalogs already displaying their Christmas merchandise. Crazy...Josephine will be 5 months on the 8th and she is such a chill little baby. We are truly blessed--she's like having your best friend with you. As far as personality goes, I can already tell that both of them will be taking us on a completely different ride. I am so proud of Anna and her strong will to be independent. Even at 2, she's opinionated and fiesty. At the same time her "love you too mommy" melts my heart. Her vocabulary grows with every minute and D.J. and I find ourselves spelling words aloud in fear that a particular word may spark an intense demand which may or may not lead to a total meltdown. Words like "snack" and "cookie" come to mind. So I suppose I'll post the mundane details of our family life here in VH because those are the things that people miss when they are far from each other...and those are things I hope I always remember.

So I may be talking about my business a little in this blog and maybe find help when needed. I want to open up a children's/baby boutique that carries items that are difficult to find. I figure I'm becoming a pro at this with 2 little girls---always looking for something no one else has. Maybe this will never happen, but it's been fun to plan. Who knew a business plan was so extensive? Probably most people, but it's taken me weeks just to think about the mission statement. What am I really providing? I dread the market research...maybe by the time I'm ready to open, the economy will be coming back around. In the meantime I'll be reading Business Plans for dummies and taking small business workshops! Those business classes at Miami seem like a million years ago. Anyone have any good ideas for a name? I named the blog Peas & Carrots because I like it and may use it...but either way with the girls we are always eating peas and carrots, so seemed fitting. I also could use one word that describes babies..."Cry", "Giggle", or "Grow". Or a line from a nursery ryhme/song...like "How I Wonder"...from twinkle twinkle (Anna's favorite line). Any ideas??...I'm wide open...

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BGSUGrad2003 said...

I like all of the names that you have picked out. I will give it some thought and get back to you. Ever thought about naming it after the girls? Like dad did with Kara-Tees or use their nicknames?

"Josephine Anna Bean's" Though I don't know what you call Josie as a nickname. I am just thinking about that song, Josphine Jelly Bean and put Annas name in their. It is cute just really dosent make much sense. But you get the idea!

Much Love!!!!