Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Perfect Fall Saturday

Today is October 11th---little Isabel will be 1 year in just a month. Happy 11 months Izzy!! It's crazy how time flies! I'm actually in bed with another kidney stone affliction. But Anna is keeping me company jumping up and down, up and down on the bed decked head to toe in tiny Notre Dame apparel...that's what happens when Daddy's in charge. We have some news...Josie finally rolled over (see pic) below)! I thought she would never roll. Of course, I am always fishing out Anna's baby book to compare Josie's progress to hers. Although it wasn't long ago, I just can't seem to remember when it was the first tooth appeared or when Anna sat unassisted for the first time. So Anna rolled over for the first time at 10 weeks, Josie is 5 months!! Now I can't picture Anna's little 10 pound body rolling over so early, but back then she must have seemed like such a big girl to us. I also met a little 3 weeker at Babies R Us the other day. Her parents were browsing aimlessly through the highchair aisle when we striked up a conversation. Anyway, this baby seemed teeny tiny...almost premature....or like she shouldn't be out in the world just quite yet. I asked how big she was...they said 9 lbs!! I couldn't believe it. Josie was just 7 1/2 lbs when she was is it that I can't remember my baby being that little after just 5 short months?

Speaking of Babies R Us, it is such an interesting place. It's so easy to pick out the newbies and the veterans. The newbies are still pregnant or are one of the lucky ones with a peaceful sleepy newborn, full of joy, paying precise attention to every detail on every product, usually a husband is tagging along willfully and sometimes maybe even a soon-to-be grandmother. The veterans, on the other hand, are either alone and making a b-line for the diapers and formula, having perfected their total shopping time to under 60 seconds. OR under unfortunate circumstances had to actually bring along their little pride and joys and are performing a miraculous balancing act of pushing the cart, attending to a toddler meltdown, feeding a screaming baby, all the while finding what they need and somehow paying and exiting the store without blinking an eye. I've been there and done that...i prefer to shop alone.

What was my point? Oh, I guess just that time goes by too fast and already next to a newborn, our little Josephine is such a big girl. Here's a pic of her holding her own bottle even!!

And here's what happens when daddy is in charge!!
So Monday they are doing the ureteroscopy (kidney stone retrieval). It sounds terrible, but I can't wait!!! I'm ready to enjoy this weather!!

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BGSUGrad2003 said...

Way To Go Josie! I know everything will go okay tomorrow. Let me know if you need anything! We miss and love you all!

Hugs and Kisses,

Kim, Ellie & Cole XOXOXO