Monday, October 27, 2008

Isabel has her 1st birthday party at Gymboree!!

Why can't I think up something like Gymboree?? It's genius!! For those of you who have yet to embark on the Gymboree experience, just picture an indoor toddler wonderland...full of slides, plastic balls, parachutes and lots of other climbing apparatuses...a place where toddlers must think they've died and gone to playtime heaven. AND parents, have no fear, everything is little falls are nothing more than something to giggle about. As if this event could get any cuter, all these happy babies were dressed up in their Halloween costumes...parents beaming with pride at their little babies turned zoo animals. The birthday girl arrived on the red carpet wearing nothing but the best...a midnight black/golden yellow bumble bee costume!! Could she be any cuter?...the answer is no, she couldn't. Below is a preview---to enjoy the full birthday experience, click the link in the slideshow section to the right titled "Isabel's First Birthday Party". ***On a side note totally unrelated, I think I just ate my weight in Ben & Jerry's Chubby, no, if I keep eating this it will be more like Chubby Wifey! :-)

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Kimmy said...

The Gymboree is a great place! I took Ellie to one of their classes when she was a baby. It was great fun!

All of the pictures are too Cute! I cant't believe how much Josie has grown! and her smile made me smile!! In that one picture Anna looked like she had been having a moment, sad or mad? Arent 2 year olds so much

Happy 1st Birthday Isabel!! Such a Cute Bee! I am partial to that bee costume because Ellie was the extact same bee for her first halloween.

Much Love!!!!