Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's almost Halloween!

As I sit here watching Josie admire her big sister, I picture the day (right around the corner) when they are both up and running around together. A time when their only care is just what the other is doing....when they tell each other things that as long as we live, D.J. and I will never know. No one can put a smile on Josie's face quite like Anna. My mommy daydreaming came to a screaching halt when Anna informed me that "Josie poopy". Oh the joys...

This year the girls are going to be Little Bo Peep and her lamb for Halloween. I originally saw this adorable combo costume in a catalog back in August. Of course, I didn't purchase it then but waited a few weeks. Then when I finally decided to purchase them, the lamb was no where to be found...6-12 months, every website, gone, size sold out. And of course, no other lamb costume would do. I went on a frantic search like a little kid trying to find his long lost puppy. Score, low and behold, I found it---for 2x the price! So for a split second I actually contemplated putting this overpriced costume into my shopping basket, but luckily regained my sanity and reassessed the situation. Continue looking. After a tireless search, I did find it, right price, right size. And yes, Josie looks adorable in it!! I'll post lots of pics of the girls at all of their fun Halloween events---the first being Isabel's costume party tomorrow!!

So today Anna and I had a mommy daughter shopping day. Just the two of us!! I am on the mend and feeling much much better. Everything was going smoothly, Anna seemed to be enjoying herself, we were getting all of our things accomplished up until the moment we were about to walk out of the mall to come home. I realize that we had lost Anna's purse...and god forbid we take one step out those doors without her purse. She starts asking me where her purse is and I start asking her where she dropped it!! She has absolutely no idea and neither do I. So here we go on a retracing manhunt for this disney princess purse, asking everyone we see about it. We retraced every single step we had taken to no avail. But, by the grace of God (who must also have a sense of humor), we stumbled upon the purse at our very last stop...the candy treat section at Macy's. Anna must have been so excited about her jumbo peppermint lollipop, that the purse just went overboard without a care. But the purse did make it home with us! When we got home we walked around the neighborhood and picked up a leaf for just about everyone we know. So you all may be getting leaves as gifts!!

Apparently my two year old is fluent in Spanish---I just realized that she has changed the channel and is watching "Primer Impacto...El Fin De Semana"...she is mesmorized. I asked her to change the channel and she changes it (obviously by accident again) to Telefutura where they are playing "Temor Primordial". Again she is mesmorized...hilarious. But that was short lived and she is now telling me "bye bye mommy" and came over to give me a kiss...I asked her where she was going and she got on her tricycle and said "i go shopping"! ha ha...oh lord what have I created.


BGSUGrad2003 said...

Tonight as I watched Ellie and Cole run around the couch, Ellie a head of Cole both of them laughing with glee, I could not help but smile and watch but then about 5 seconds later I was yelling at them to Your right, before you know it Josie will be running after Anna and then you will be daydreaming of those days when only one was mobile. Time goes by so quick....breathe it all in!!

I think your costumes will be totally cute. I cant wait to see pictures of them. Ellie was Dora and Cole was Boots two Halloweens ago.

Last year we were all sick but I was trying to figure out what they could be again to "match". I wanted this year for them to match again but Ellie wants to be Cinderella and I could not get her to budge. I thought about making Cole a mouse or something but then decided to allow him to choose his own. They are in fact no longer babies!!

Happy Halloween!!

Much love!!

Kimmy said...