Tuesday, December 16, 2008

As we begin to celebrate Christmas, we also celebrate 4 years since our winter wedding!

Most people go through 4 years of high school and then immediately following, 4 years of college . Because those years are some of our most formative years, for a long time I quantified time in terms of 4 year chunks…freshman, sophomore, junior, then senior. Well D.J. & I just celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary, so to me it’s kinda like we just completed our senior year and graduated! We’re really married now and instead of two, this year we are 4!

We celebrated by going to dinner and a movie…it’s hard to believe this, but I hadn’t been to a movie in the theater since before Anna was born…I know, l-o-s-e-r. But, we’re just so busy and days turn into months and then I guess those months became years. Anyway, the weather the night we went out was the worst…rainy and cold, but it wasn’t quite cold enough to snow, so it was just that slushy messy stuff that makes your hair flat and your make-up run…yea, I was really looking cute! In the midst of attempting to drive in this mess, it dawned on us that we will always be celebrating in the dead of winter…I can’t believe we actually took the weather chances on that one…we’re lucky mother nature didn’t drop 2 feet of snow on our special day. But I love that we were married during our favorite time of year and that every year our anniversary makes the season that much better. We’re also thinking that in the future, remembering our winter wedding may be a great reason to take our holiday somewhere warm & sunny…St. Bart’s and Bali are the first to come to mind!

It’s ridiculous how quickly Christmas snuck up on me this year. Last year I couldn’t wait until December 26th arrived…for some reason it felt like Christmas would never end and when it was finally over, I was overjoyed that I wouldn’t have to listen to Santa Baby again for another year. But this year is different. I feel like we put our tree up just in time to turn around and take it down. We accidentally brought home a massive Christmas tree….totally pulled a Clark Griswold! Here’s a pic to illustrate it’s ginormity:

We were pressed for time, it was snowing and both girls were sleeping in the car, so we hurriedly pointed a tree out to the nice guy with the big saw and they loaded us up! The fact that the tree guys were unable to wrap the tree up with that nice netting stuff because the tree was too big to fit through the netting machine should have been the first clue that maybe the tree was a tad large. And after getting the tree home, we quickly busted right through our little metal Christmas tree stand…the poor thing didn’t stand a chance… so D.J. had to go on a mad hunt for something industrial strength. A couple days and a million little white lights later we had our tree up…and it looks awesome!

There are also pics below of our Hartman Christmas fun this past weekend. Fred & Patricia were here to celebrate and it was so great having them. Thank you for making the weekend so special…AND for babysitting on Saturday night. Anna & Josie love their Nana & Papa! And a big thanks to Chris & Jill for hosting our holiday luncheon!
This first 2 pics were taken on Saturday right before heading off to visit our jolly old friend Santa Claus. Anna had been telling me that Santa was going to bring her presents because she's been a good girl, but when it came time to sit on his lap, she would have none of it. And probably scarring the poor child, we forced her to sit there screaming while we snapped a pic. When I lifted her off of his lap and told her to tell him what she wanted him to bring her, between sniffles and sobs she wailed "care bears"! :-)

Could there be a happier baby?? Check out this gummy grin...when Josie REALLY smiles, her eyes all but disappear!


Kimmy said...

Your Tree is absoulty amazing! I love it!

Ellie and Cole were scared to go up and visit Santa this year too. Ellie refused to tell him what she wanted for Christmas and Cole did his best at trying. We saw him at the breakfast with Santa last week and are going to see him at the mall Thursday. I told Ellie she has one more chance to talk to him and she needs to make it count! :)

I love all your pictures!! I am so excited to see you all next week!

Love you!!

Marcy B. said...

Congrats, 4 years! I have to admit that Christmas snuck up on many and I feel like we need to hurry too much. It is great that you can take time out and reflect. Glad to hear that your little Sunday Christmas was so great!

martidvm said...

I have never seen such a large tree INSIDE a house! It's beautiful.

Only three more days...can't wait to see all of you.

Love, Mom

martidvm said...
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