Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Policital Crime Spree...

that was the headline of yesterday's Chicago Tribune. Whether you agree with my moral conservative views or not, I think we can agree that Rod Blagojevich is a crook. Here we go...I don't understand why everyone is so suprised at this Blagojevich scandal? We have known for years that he was up to no good and that Chicago politics have been like a 3-ring corruption circus. Isn't former Il governor George Ryan still serving jail time? Blagojevich's own family, his father-in-law (Alderman Dick Mell) has even been estranged from him for years because of his crooked ways....Mell should also be concerned about his own flesh and blood doesn't sound like she was necessarily unaware and unknowing...nor is her potty mouth any better than her husband's! So here we have Chicago at the center of all of this government corruption...Rod Blagojevich and John Harris the ring leaders. They've confirmed that candidate 5, who apparently agreed to "pay" Blagojevich for the Obama's Il Senate seat, is in fact Jesse Jackson Jr. Now i heard JJ Jr the other day speaking about his involvement and according to him (and just to note he was not under oath at the time of this news conference) he never had any discussions with the governor regarding his opportunities in the Senate. But we now know that someone in his camp was if it wasn't Jesse Jr. himself, who was it?

We also know that candidate number 1 was Valerie Jarrett, Obama's favorite....and on wiretap we hear Blagojevich cursing Obama and saying that all they were going to give him was appreciation...and then some additional expletive statements! So it leaves us questioning Obama's involvement... WAIT...for any Obama lovers out there, don't freak out...not that he's guilty of going along with this tit for tat scandal. But, I think it would be safe to speculate that him or one of his emmisaries had to have some idea of what was going on. To not be aware of any of this at all just does not seem believeable. I'm not in politics, I'm not an attorney...i'm just a devoted talk radio listener, but even I knew that Blagojevich was a criminal, so how could that have "slipped" by the Illinois senator?...the point is, it couldn't. This guy has been under suspicion for years...that is exactly why the wire tapping was even scheduled to begin with. Now, if I were Obama, I'd be just a tad concerned with the friends I had chosen in the past...let's see for example...hmm, Jeremiah Wright...Bill Ayers...Tony Rezko...Rod Blagojevich. I heard that Tony Rezko's name was mentioned something like 150 times in the formal complaint from US attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. So the problem for Obama is that it's not just the same "group" who supported his campaign as well as Blagojevich''s the exact same people...the same warm bodies, the same names! Obama said yesterday that he was going to find out what had been discussed between his transition team and Blagojevich's office and disclose this information in the next few days. Something must have been discussed with someone...why else would Blagojevich have been so upset with him? I'm am very interested to hear what he has to say...maybe Obama's team was the whistle blower on all of this, the one who ratted Blago out...i mean, can anyone tell us where Rahm Emmanuel has been????

Oh and by the way, while his chief of staff John Harris resigns, Blagojevich continues to work and attempt to sign bills...there is something seriously wrong with this guy!

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