Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our little ballerina is growing up--Anna's first haircut at 29 months.

In the past week we've had lots of family fun and today was no exception. I'm not sure what you'd call the look Anna had been sporting the past few months, but she was well overdue for her first haircut. I think I was just hanging on to that little bit of baby still left in her...the first haircut is like crossing the threshold into little girl...one of the last baby milestones. Pretty soon she'll be going off to college!!! ;-)

As everyone knows, 2 year olds can be a bit unpredictable, so I wasn't sure how she was going to like having her hair fooled and fussed with. Luckily, we weren't the first ones in this predicament so someone else has already come up with a solution--Kid Snips, Lollipop Cuts, etc...I think there are a million of them out there. They are these kiddy salons where kids can't help but have fun and enjoy their first trim. I'm sure back when I was growing up, kids were lucky if someone other than their mother gave them their first trim. But now, mommies, we have options! The place we took her was so super cute with toys galore and freshly trimmed little ones running everywhere. Anna got to pick out a DVD to watch on her own special TV, of course she chose Mickey & Minnie, and also got to suck on a yummy blue lollipop while Katy the children's hair designer cut away at her locks. They've obviously perfected how to make little ones happy because afterward Anna got to pick out some stickers and also had a balloon tied to her stroller! They have also perfected how to make mommies happy too...they took Anna's picture afterward and attached it to her own "My first haircut" certificate along with a little tiny baggy with one of her little curls inside. I totally get it now!!!!!!!!!!! I totally get the keeping of the hair thing. I always thought it was kinda strange that my own mother had kept hair samplings from our first haircuts. But, I completely understand now! The hair cut off her ends was her first hair...her infant hair. How could we just leave it there on the cold tile floor?

She doesn't look like a baby anymore...everyday she pushes her independence and continues to blossom into a confident and thoughtful little girl...one that is tender, sweet and spunky. This reminds me of a conversation I had with my good friend Tracy a couple years ago when her daughter Ava was only about 2 weeks old. I was on the phone with her and she told me she had just finished having a really good cry because Ava (at 2 weeks old) was already growing up too fast. Please time, slow down.

Christmas in Ohio was awesome and so much better than 2 years ago when the entire household was wiped out by the stomach flu. Anna, Josie, Ellie & Cole were so cute together and Santa spoiled them all rotten! More Christmas & pics to come...

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