Thursday, January 1, 2009

Love, Encourage & Inspire...because your little girl is watching

I just love the quote I chose to start off 2009..."What the daughter does, the mother did". When I read this, I was instantly overwhelmed with a feeling of goodness and my eyes welled up. Nothing could be closer to the truth. All of my values, my morality, the way I treat others...these are all things I learned from my own mother---sometimes I have so much empathy for others that it feels like whatever they are going through is actually happening to me as well. I can only hope I pass on these virtues to my girls as they grow into their individuality.

I started noticing this art of imitation with Anna at a very young i realize that she demonstrates it in so many ways....I see it in the way she loves to dance along to Beyonce & Britney, how she applies fake lipgloss like mommy, the way she holds her toy cell phone between her ear and shoulder, in her ability and desire to eat with chopsticks, in the way she walks around the house in my highheels, and in the gentle ways she kisses and loves her babydoll. These are all small little things, but I hope along with these little things I'm modeling for her the important lessons of life.

Happy new year to everyone! It is exciting for me to move into a new year...2008 brought us Josephine, a true blessing, but it was also the hardest year of my life. Going into 2009, I am filled with gratitude and looking forward to a new year of celebrations and miracles. December slideshow posted on right.

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Happy New Year!!

We love you!!