Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hi, my name is Kara and I'm a senior at Libertyville High School!

Maybe my ridiculously overpriced wrinkle cream is magically working! Could I really pass as a teenager...if only for a second?? So what could possibly be worse than getting a flat tire???..oh, me, me, I know the answer!....getting a flat tire on a day like today when it's cold, damp and rainy!! I thought they had fixed all the post holes by now, but apparently not. Thank God I drive a company fleet car and seem to have numerous helpful individuals at my fingertips. Anyway, while my shredded tire was being replaced with a shiny new one at the local Firestone, I had some time to browse on foot around Libertyville.

After a leisurely snack and a quick trip around the cute children's book store, I wandered into a store called All Sports. I walked into this place and was immediately bombarded with tons of local high school paraphenalia. I mean, t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, jackets, key chains, mugs, you name it...all of it emblazed with either Vernon Hills Cougars or Libertyville Wildcats. I thought immediately of my all time favorite high school mascot garment...my navy blue sweatpants with the words "Grove City" in white and red down the side of one leg. Some of you that have known me for awhile may remember me lounging around in these comfy pants endlessly...I wore them to death...until the words on the side had faded so much you could barely make out what it said. Well today I re-incarnated these sweats in the form of black with an orange "Cats" down the side! And what a delight it was to check-out!! Behind the counter was a middle aged gentleman, looking a big aged, but actually in pretty good physical condition...definitely an ex-high school athlete himself. As he was ringing me up, he repeatedly kept looking up at me and staring strangely into my eyes....after about 4 different rounds of this odd staring, I finally said "what?????" and this is roughly how the conversation followed...

Him--"How old are you?"
Me--"How old do you think I am?"
Him--"No seriously, just tell me how old you are?"
Me--"No, seriously, you have to tell me what you think first"
Him--"Well at first I thought you were one of the high school kids...but i just wasn't sure and thought, hmmm...she looks a little too old to be one of the kids"
Me-- "Well I'm definitely not a teegager...so, how old do you think I really am"
Him--"Ummm, probably around 24"

Totally made the flat tire worth all the hassle. Maybe he was just being nice, but I'll take it!!


Kimmy said...

Its always nice when someone thinks you are younger then you really are. So did you tell him how old you really were?

Marcy B. said...

It's funny, I really wanted to be 30 when I was in my early 20's because I didn't think that people took me seriously at work and then when I turned 30, I wanted to be back in my early 20's again! I'm pretty happy now though and still love being carded for alcohol! You are a HOT MAMMA!