Wednesday, April 15, 2009

From One Mommy to The Next...

Oh, the dreaded trip to Babies R Us...going to Babies R Us feels a bit like going to the bank, withdrawing a bunch of money, coming home and flushing it down the toilet!! Each trip involves dropping a couple hundred dollars on diapers and formula, only to repeat the process over again a few short weeks later. I dread it...ok,, at least we're left with dry bottoms and full bellies!! ;-)

This morning the Babies R Us was particularly busy...especially for a Wed morning. The place was buzzing with tons of glowing mommy-to-bes and a few unfortunate souls who actually had to bring along their little pride and joys. Once again, I was thankful that I was alone and could buzz in and out with only my intended begging for toys, candy or emergency wipe buying. Have you ever done that? Been in Babies R Us with your child/children and realize suddenly that you desperately need a baby item that of course, you forgot to pack. So, what better place to be? You hunt down your item and open it, right there on the spot. I've done it on countless occasions with wipes being the number one culprit. They just always disappear on me and then suddenly I have a massive poopy or snot city on my hands.

Anyway, this morning I didn't have to worry about any of that. I was looking poised, put together and simply had my purse in one hand and coffee in the other. But soon, my contentment turned to sympathy for another mommy when her poor children both had mega meltdowns in the middle of the BRU at the exact same time.

I was standing behind her waiting to purchase and couldn't stop staring at her two beautiful children. The little girl couldn't have been more than 3 and she was just darling. Cute blond little pigtails and she was dressed, oh so charming. This mommy has great taste, i thought as I eyed her little one's garb for the day...maybe Oilily, Room Seven...something fabulous for sure! This little girl was standing there behaving so perfectly, a brand new book in each hand. In the cart, was what must have been her baby brother...not quite a year, but old enough to sit in the front seat of the cart and enjoy the view. He was content as well, grasping and knawing on a rubber teether cute!

This picture of family perfection turned rotten all at once. The mother calmly told the little girl that she had to pick one of the books and simply could not have both. After a quick interchange where the little one declared ownership of both, the mother grabbed one of the books from her hands and placed it at the back of the check out counter to be returned to it's place in the store. Well this just unleashed the fury. Suddenly the little girl fell to the floor in horror and began screaming words that were unrecognizable between the tears and gasps for air. It didn't stop there...she then began rolling around on the floor thrashing and kicking her feet violently. How did this little angelic face become so unbearable so quickly? The poor, poor the same time, the mother then had to pry the toy from the little boy's hands so it could be rung up by the clerk. This threw him into a fit of rage crying that holding your breath kind of cry (moms, you know what I mean...when it's silent for a few seconds and then the ear piercing shrills follow). Even after the mother returned the toy to him, he was still beside himself with irritation for having the toy so rudely snagged from his possession.

In the meantime, the little girl continued her mega tantrum....without skipping a beat, the mother calmly paid for her items, scooped her little fireball off the floor and exited gracefully. As I was getting into my car, I saw the fight continue as the poor mother attempted to strap the child into the car with very little luck. That poor mother...she definitely needs a Xanax and a glass of wine later when those kiddos are finally in bed! ;-) ha

We've all been there. I remember the first time Anna did something similar in a public place...i was mortified and stood there in disbelief not really knowing how to handle her. Here's to hoping we survive the toddler years!

On another note, I simply cannot wait for my Matilda Jane package to arrive. It is taking what feels like FOREVER. I feel like a little kid at Christmas awaiting it's arrival. I will be sure to post pics of the girls sporting their new MJ when it finally arrives!

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Kimmy said...

I've been there, witnessed it, experienced it and still happens with my kids. It can be very mortifying!! Ellie has gotten better when we are out in public about having a fit, simply because I think she knows others are watching but Cole doesn't care and will do whatever it takes to try to get what he wants. Remember me telling you about the sword day instance just a while back. I just keep telling the people in the store. I was "Sorry".

I can't wait for the MJ stuff to come in also. Check out Sam's blog from MJ today. She was talking about not being able to fill some of the back orders because the items were not really on back order but were sold out. I hope that is none of our orders, though I don't think we ordered anything on back order!! I can't WAIT to get them! :)

Love you,


Dagmar said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! I really enjoy yours, it is written so well. I hope you will continue to visit mine. Do you want to exchange links?


Veronica Lee said...

Hi and welcome to MBC!