Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Thought The Day Would Never Come...

...spring is here! Hoorah, hoorah! Finally, we can thaw ourselves out and break open the sandals and capris! Yesterday was one of those days that reminds me of all my countless summers on Lake Huron. The air was cool and dry, but the sun was beaming and warm...the perfect weather combination. I just love those chilly nights on the lake where your skin tingles from the combination of warm sunburned skin and cool night air. If you know Michigan, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

Anyway, it was a perfect day to get out and run errands! Soon, I found myself shuffling though all the bazillions of card choices at Hallmark....and just like all my trips to Hallmark, I stayed for an inordinate amount of time and left after spending way too much on what's really just some paper and ink. Card shopping for me is a combination of misery and fun all wrapped up in the same package. The misery is that as soon as I think I have all the cards I need, I think of someone else's celebration...a birthday, an anniversary, a new baby and on and on and on. The fun part is that typically I find myself in the aisle laughing out loud and having to read every single card choice until I find the perfect one for the intended.

By the time I left, I was a tad is it possible that everytime I turn around there's someone or some event coming up that I need to buy a card or gift for? seriously is like a never ending circle that just repeats itself every year....and for a quick minute, I wondered how many millions (maybe even billions) of dollars are spent each year on just greeting cards alone? Seems a bit wasteful!! On the other hand, how extremely fortunate are we that we have so many wonderful people in our lives to celebrate? And then I realized that I wouldn't want to spend my money or time any other way.

Three of those people that we love so much are living with us for a few days...Nick & Nicole bit the bullet this week and officially became suburbanites!!! They handed over the keys to their cutie house in the city and are moving into their new beautiful home next week....and the best part is that it's just around the corner from us! Welcome neighbors!

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