Monday, May 11, 2009

Andrea Brogle Photographer

How do you capture a moment and hold on to it forever??'s so true that your memory fades, but a photograph lasts a lifetime. In light of my previous post, the next extemely talented girl that I had the pleasure to meet this spring and would like to introduce you to is Andrea Brogle. I happened upon Andrea's website while, yes you guessed it, doing what I always! (what did I ever do before google)?? I instantly loved her artistic style and just HAD to have her come snap some pics of my little divas and all their cuteness. And being the planner that I am, I scheduled her waaayyy far in advance...which gave me way too much time to obsess over what they would wear. So much so that eventually I was just in baby fashion overload...and they just looked cute in everything as one Oilily dress faded into the next. Well, lucky for me, Andrea is also willing to offer up her photo session fashion sense!

So, as you can see below, Andrea came out to our house and captured some really fun moments. Isn't that great?...she does house visits! Ok, so I know that maybe lots of photographers do this, but it's definitely a new concept for me. But, I loved it!! No stranger frightened baby clinging to me for dear life or overstimulated toddler running circles around the camera with tangled hair going every which direction. Just my kids in their comfort zone.

So check Andrea out if you have your own little cuties and want to capture those heartfelt expressions in works of art.

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