Saturday, May 9, 2009


Help us!! Our slideshow from our photo session is live and will only be available for 5 days!!! Please take a look and let us know which images are your favorite. For grandparents and family, if you would like an image for yourself, please let us know that as well. Here's how to log in:

Go to

Click on "Client Proofing"

in the box provided enter the passcode 2girlsHart

click submit

The best thing to do is copy and paste the passcode straight from above. If you enter it manually, just be sure to capitalize the H or you won't be able to get in. Thank you!!!

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Kim - The TomKat Studio said...

Gorgeous photos! Gorgeous family! My quick faves: 2, 19, 35

Love, Kim

Marcy B. said...

OMG! These are so adorable! I LOVE them!!! Anna's eyes are gorgeous and Josie's smile is infectious! You have amazing girls and the family photos are to cherish. I wouldn't be able to pick!