Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This Is Not A Joke...

...but don't worry, I'm still laughing....


5:00 Dinnertime
5:05 Toddler tantrum b/c she wasn't allowed to pour her own milk
5:07 Time out for Toddler
5:45 Bathtime
6:00 Draining bath water and hanging up towels
Sometime between 5:45 and 6:05 Dog takes a crap and leaves a poo trail up the stairs
6:05 Toddler is screaming for me and pointing at dog poo
6:06 Find Baby playing in dog poo
6:07 Baby gets bath #2 and on to 2nd pair of pajamas
6:25 Baby is confined to crib and screaming bloody murder
6:26 Pick up piles of crap while attempting to keep my cool around the dog
6:30 Get sippy cups with water and start bedtime routine
6:35 Sitting in chair reading books
6:37 Baby barfs all over me, herself and blanket
6:38 We both strip down and Baby gets bath #3 and on to 3rd pair of pajamas
6:45 Brush Baby's teeth and straight to bed
6:48 Toddler is screaming again
6:49 Find toddler in bathroom with poo on her finger
6:50 Wash Toddler's hands vigorously
6:50 Realize poo is hers and ask her if she did a poopy
6:51 Get an affirmative answer and change poopy diaper
6:57 Brush Toddler's teeth
6:58 Toddler has meltdown b/c she wants to brush her own
7:00 Toddler back in time-out
7:03 Toddler straight to bed
7:05 Start poo/barf laundry
7:10 Take carpet steam cleaner upstairs and disinfect the entire 2nd floor
7:30 Glass of wine and blogging

I am not kidding!!!!!!!!! :-)

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Kimmy said...

I've totally been there with days like that!!!! Glad your still laughing....

Love you!

Nicole said...

I just fell off my chair laughing!! What a lovely start to your evening ;)

Marcy B. said...

Oh my goodness...who would have thought those sweet little girls in the pictures would have an evening like that! I think you deserved the entire bottle of wine!