Wednesday, June 17, 2009

WWE Wrestling Match?

No, just attempting to diaper and dress a 13 month old for bed! I have never known a toddler to detest any form of getting dressed or diapered like Josie and tonight was just a little over the top. As soon as she laid her little eyes on the diaper, the writhing know, the hands over the head, arched back kind of writhing? oh, haha...for fun, I just googled the definition of the word "writhing". Here it is: wiggly: moving in a twisting or snake-like or wormlike fashion. So, ya, that's the right word.

Anyway, she was especially fiesty tonight, but somehow I nailed her to the ground. The real challenge, though, is getting her to stay on her back once she's there....for all of you mommies also struggling with your own little WWE wrestler, I have the it is: Sitting on the ground in front of the child on his/her back, lift your left leg in the air and gently place your calf across sumo baby's chest. Apply just enough pressure so that the child is pinned and cannot roll. Then grab both of the tantrum kicking legs with your left hand and do your diapering moves with the right. Be prepared, as this manuever will unleash a fury of ear piercing screams and tantrums from your little Hulk Hogan. This move also does not address the dilemma that is getting the child dressed...but, as you attack those flailing arms and legs, at least she'll be dry! :-)

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Kimmy said...

Just totally comment on the wrong post....see pervious post for comment. Thats what happens when I am trying to do more then one thing at a time!