Monday, September 28, 2009

Forever 21....

literally??? So what are we gonna do about this thing called aging? If you had the chance, would you opt to live forever? Would you choose to stop time and if so, at what age?.... 17? 21? 29? 40?

I went out on Saturday night and got at 21, I would've been ticked off and would've spent the rest of the evening rolling my eyes at whoever dare question my mature age. But, now, at 31 and 2 children later, it's a different story. When someone cards me, I LOVE it and I love them and I'm happy. For those of you naturally blessed with youthful glowing skin, you probably don't care...but do you know how much those anti-wrinkle creams cost???? Just take one step into your local Sephora and you'll need a valium and a glass of wine just to get you to the check out counter.

I have become an anti-wrinkle product junkie...I'm hoping by the time it's really bad I'll be able to take a magic pill, and POOF, wrinkles be gone. But, until them, I'm gonna try my damndest to keep them at bay. Thank god Sephora has an awesome return policy cause most of these overpriced creams don't work. So if you're thinking about giving something a chance, call me, because I'm pretty sure I've tried it.

But if I had the chance to stop time, would I? If I had the chance to freeze myself as I am today forever, would that make me happy? As novel as it sounds, I venture to say that my answer would be no. In the world we live in today, living forever is a concept that's unthinkable and uncomprehendable. But, it may not be that far off. One word...nanotechnology. Many believe that this technologic advancement is the key to our everlasting life. Nanotechnology has the potential to push back on human life and let humans drink from the well of immortality...some say within 20 years. Think artificial hearts, artificial livers....fixing organ deterioration at the cell level and literally turning back time. Sounds fascinating...but who would choose this? A life that never ends....sounds exhausting.

As much as I loved being a kid, I don't want to be a kid anymore. And as much as I loved being 21, I wouldn't want to be there again without all of the people I was there with the first time around. But even if we could all freeze time and live forever together, as we multiply and multiply where would we all live? And who are we to disrupt the circle of life? Can you imagine what life will be like 100 years from now? OR 1000 years from now?

hmmm, I don't know. But, just because I'm working hard to find the magic potion for smoothing out those unwelcomed fine doesn't mean I want to live forever.

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