Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Reform?...Nah, Not Tonight

I came here tonight to blog about healthcare reform, but then logged in and lost the energy. So instead, I thought I'd share a couple cute things Anna said today:

While hugging her goodnight she said, "mommy, I love what you are and I love what you do". I've gotta ask D.J. where she got this, definitely a book...Snuggle Puppy maybe??

We were talking about birthdays tonight and I told her she wasn't going to be a grown up for a long time...she said "yea, I'll be in the 3's class for a long time and THEN I'll be a grown-up".

While changing her dirty diaper tonight I told her that big girls use the potty and she said "mommy, remember? the doctor said no more potty!" She heard me on the phone with the pediatrician last week when he told me she wasn't ready to be potty trained and to go back to she uses it to her benefit any chance she gets!

And BONUS: I took yesterday off and we spent the ENTIRE day together shopping. Last night while tucking her in I told her how much fun I had had with her that day...and she replied "mommy, you're my best friend"...HEART MELTING!!

Maybe tomorrow I'll find the energy to attack the healthcare debate...lord knows I've got lots to say...

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