Friday, September 11, 2009

Filled With Glee

Say hello to my new obsession. As I've said before, the first true love of my life was music... and when you mix good music with good comedy, I'm hooked. I LOVE this show! So, who else is watching?? I especially love the comically biting one-liners from cheerleading Coach Sue played by Jane Lynch...ya know from Best in Show?...ok, if you haven't seen Best in Show, stop what you're doing and go get it. And I LOVE the Glee arrangements of Kanye's Gold Digger and Rihanna's Take A Bow....missed them?...just turn up your speakers. Mix in teenage strife and it's my kind of show.

So that's where I'll be every Wed night at 8c! If you have yet to tune in, join me this week...

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