Sunday, November 8, 2009

Anna's Fairy Godmother

I thought Fairy Godmothers were make believe? Well, I think I'm gonna have to whip up a tiara, magic wand and a pair of wings for Katie! :-) When Anna was born, choosing Godparents felt like such a huge undertaking for us. Would whoever we choose take a special interest in her as an individual? Would whoever we choose acknowledge their role past the actual baptism itself? Would whoever we choose support her as a Catholic at all stages of her religious development? Would they create traditions with her that were theirs and only theirs?
Ideally, these were things we hoped for and wanted for Anna. We wanted others besides us to let her know that she's special not only in this world, but also with God. But we also realize that life is busy and that being a good Godparent doesn't necessarily require that you do all of those things...or any of those things really. I just have to say how especially touched I am by the interest Katie has take in developing her relationship with Anna as her Godmother over the past 3 years. One of the traditions that Katie does each year with Anna is to celebrate her baptismal birthday each November. This year she took Anna to 1154 Lill and made her her very first custom handbag. My heart just melts imagining them picking out fabric together!! These experiences for Anna are priceless. I tried to explain to Anna what she celebrates in November and I'm not quite sure that she understands yet...but what she does understand is that she has a very special relationship with her Godmother.
So thank you Katie! As my BFF and Anna's Godmother, we are so blessed to have you in our lives. You can see in the pics below how happy this made her.

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