Friday, November 20, 2009


Add in laughter and isn't that all we really need in this life? If only it were so simple. I'm only midway through the book Eat, Pray, Love and I love it. It's so, shall I say, indulgent? But so inspiring. After a heartwrenching divorce and a severe bout of debilitating depression, the author decided to uproot her life and spend 4 months in Italy eating, 4 months in India praying, and 4 months in Indonesia loving. What 30 something can do that? I guess someone without the contraints of tiny little faces needing to be tucked into bed each evening. For me, reading a few pages of this book each night is like a little get away...I read each page envious of the time that she spent traveling, getting to know herself...sometimes even in complete solitude and complete silence. But, I know deep down I could never do anything like that. Being the social butterfly that I am, I can guarantee after spending one day in an ashram in the middle of nowhere India, far far away from civilization, expected to be in prayer for 18 hours out of the day....I would have booked myself a first class ticket on the next flight out of there and thoroughly enjoyed my glass of wine and in flight entertainment on my way back to the big city.

I'm most intrigued by her time in India. She spends 4 months trying to reach enlightenment and figuring out the ways of the universe, why we know, all of those extistential questions with no objective answers. I'm not sure that many people ever take the time to even consider these things...and who can blame them? With hectic day to day lives, who has the time? But, some theorists claim that the root cause of much anxiety lies within the basis of those 2 concepts. Enlightenment is basically being present and freeing your mind of any thoughts other than just being. So you are just here, now, alive...not worried about tomorrow, not thinking about what you have to do or didn't do. Just being and enjoying it. But being that we're humans, this is impossible to do even 20% of the time. Even if you can try to implement this a little into each day, you may see a lift in levels of anxiety. The second concept (the age old question that everyone has their unique answer to)...why we exist, is just so, what's the right word?...deep. It's spiritual and intimidating. But perhaps those with a strong faith in their purpose in this life, may have less anxiety. So, it's not surprising that spending 4 months focusing on these 2 things leaves the author feeling rejuvenated and elated.

I'm fascinated by this spiritual indulgence...something that can just eliminate all anxiety and doesn't have to be taken with a glass of water. But, mainly because I know I couldn't do it. So I'll just take her word for it and continue reading...

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Kimmy said...

Sounds like a interesting book. I might borrow it when your done.:)

Kara, I don't think its that you couldn't do it, for factors other then those that keep you here but perhaps you wouldn't want to do what she is doing? I know you and you can do just about anything that you put your mind to.Your such a strong women. I Love you!

I know I wouldn't want to do what she is doing. I would miss to much here in the present and be truly feeling that the whole time. How could those around me go on without me for that amount of time.....haha ;)

We do just exist - for whatever reason probably never knowing the reason - even when we think we know. The book Sounds en-lighting and as you said inspirational. I may not be able to disappear from the world like she did but When I run I think about so many different things - you could say it is my solitude - for a brief time. I have a love/hate relationship with running. I hate sometimes feeling out of breathe but at the same time I thank God for that feeling - That I am alive! The bad does not seem that bad and the so-so seems better. I also love feeling like nothing can stop me if I just push a little harder and go a little father - anything is possible. So maybe add running plus your laughter and with faith - Yes..everything will be alright. :)