Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ooh La Lift and Eye Bright

So, while we're on the eyes I thought I'd share the all time best eye brightening routine. I've been battling dark circles for years (even with 9 hours of sleep a night and plenty of hydration), so my primary focus has been lightening...which just happens to make you look younger. If you have been blessed with no or minimal darkness under your eyes...God luvya, and I hatecha!! JOKING, of course...I love you all. But, you beeznatches can just skip this post all together. But, if you're like most of us, read on...

I'm basically just a facial product junkie in general. I have tried it all and the 2 best make-up lines for me are Benefit and Smashbox. I could seriously talk about Benefit all day long and completely bore you into oblivion. There are a couple of their products that I the Bad Gal Lash mascara melts onto your face (which is just the look you want) and the Hello Flawless powder foundation made me break-out. BUT, most of their stuff is amazing!!!

When I use the following 2 Benefit products after applying the PTR Power K eye cream as mentioned in my earlier post, my dark circles virtually disappear, which is just short of a miracle. So the first is Benefit's Ooh La Lift. I've been using this for years and never go without it. The second is Benefit's Eye Bright pencil.

First take the Eye Bright pencil and draw 2 or 3 cat whiskers on the outer side of your eye. Then draw a crescent shaped moon on the inside of your eye near the bridge of your nose. Take the Ooh La Lift and make 3 dots with the applicator under your eye. Mix all these together by patting (don't rub...never rub under your eye) until blended. Voila! Bye Bye dark circles, Hello hot 20 somethings!!...haha kidding....just sayin for the single ladies. :-)

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