Sunday, December 6, 2009

Elf On The Shelf

So today is St. Nick's day and this year St. Nick brought us "Buddy", our Elf On The Shelf. He was given the moniker "Buddy" after the main character in the movie Elf...seemed like a good Elf name I guess. Anyway, Buddy came today and will stay with us until Christmas. All day long he watches over the girls to see if they are naughty or nice and each evening he retreats back to the North Pole to give Santa a daily update. Before the girls awake the next morning, Buddy will be back at our house, but perched in a different location. Hopefully the girls will have fun finding him each morning!

If you haven't heard of Elf On The Shelf, check it out...the kit comes with the Elf plus a cute book you can read each year to your kids explaining his/her role. Everyone is talking about it this hopefully with Buddy here, the girls will be on their best behavior!

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