Tuesday, December 8, 2009

O Tannenbaum O Tannenbaum

While we're on the topic of traditions, a family tradition that I have always loved and each year look forward to the most is the act and art of picking out our seasonal Christmas tree. And yes, I believe it's a bit of an art...something that needs to be practiced each year and mature over time. Seriously, call me tree crazy, but I'm not kidding. What kind of tree...how tall, how wide, too skinny, too round, strong branches, bare spots, straight trunk, scent...etc. So, yea, an art form per se. Thankfully I learned from the best...I can remember as a kid wandering through the fields of some random Christmas tree farm in Michigan, my mom with an eager look in her eye and a saw in her hand just waiting to cut down that perfect tree. Come hell our high water, we were getting the best da*n tree there. I seriously don't think I've ever in my life decorated a fake tree.

Ok, so this tree craziness has carried over into my adult life....I always have to have a Frasier Fir, every year, no exceptions. They are the best! The second I step foot out of the car at the x-mas tree farm I make a b-line for the Frasier Firs without even the slightest glance at the rest. It's just a personal preference. To me, they look the best, have the strongest branches and smell the yummiest. So each year D.J. and I pile in the car and head West about 20 min to this cute little Christmas tree farm to get our Frasier Fir. Ok, I'll admit there is no traipsing through the middle of the fields with a saw (picture Clark Griswold in Christmas Vacation here)..Thank God, BUT I am still just as particular. We wander through the rows of freshly cut trees till we find the ONE, then we warm up inside with some hot chocolate and cookies while browsing the cute little store. I LOVE it, but I gotta be honest, I'm glad we only do it once a year...it is some serious work.

Big, small, real, fake, red, green or purple, I hope you are all loving your Christmas tree as much as we are!

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Tina Nies said...

Kara, this is so sweet! I can just picture you and the beautiful family out as in a Christmas movie!

So funny too, because I am the opposite, I have no tree traditions and do not enjoy the decorating at all. BUT I do love a beautiful holiday house and perfectly clean and meditating in the dark with the holiday lights. But, never had a real tree... and at the moment I'm looking at a half of a fake Christmas tree. Half because we haven't found the top yet! LOL I had already put together what was in the box... then ran out of tree parts! I'm thinking of decorating it as is because now all the other fake trees at my mom's have been loaned out to others.