Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I'm a reader. I love to read. I also like to watch tv, don't get me wrong, but most nights it's some book that has me entranced until I can no longer keep my eyelids pried open. So I'm not sure why I protested against the Twilight series for so long, but, I finally gave in. I read Twilight. I would put myself into the category of really liking it, but not obsessed with it. I read it in a normal amount of time, 7-10 days. If I'm totally in love with a book, I'll read it in one sitting. If I'm not crazy about it, it may take me a few weeks.

When I was a little girl I used to speed read with my neighbor. It was always a little bit of a competition to see who could read a book the fastest, so somehow I mastered the art of reading a book without really reading, but just skimming. So knowing that Jacob the werewolf becomes a bigger part of the story in New Moon, I picked up the book, but just skimmed it. Over the course of an hour, I basically had the main story line and I'm not crazy about it. I don't like that Edward was gone for most of the story and that Jacob became such a big part of the plot. So, I don't think I'm going to really read it, but instead skip to the 3rd book. I read the end, so I know Edward ends up alive and back with Bella and I'm more interested in what happens to them.

Which led me to whether or not I was going to keep reading at all. If you haven't read the entire series you may want to stop reading, this may be a spoiler. But, I just couldn't bring myself to keep reading unless I knew that Bella would eventually get what she wanted, to become a vampire and truly be with Edward forever. Her getting older as Edward stayed a yound svelte 17 just seemed so cruel to me and nothing I was really interested in reading about. I also don't know if I could keep reading repeatedly about all of Edward's efforts to simply keep Bella alive. Not to mention her human mortality that, even if Edward did keep Bella alive to live a nice long life, would eventually leave Edward alone and broken hearted....causing, I'm sure, for him to eventually take his own haunted life. So I confimed today from one of my nieces (thanks Claire) that Bella's wish does in fact come true and that was all I needed to know. So at some point, I will pick up the next book in the series with hopes that it's better than the 2nd.

Because in my mind, if Bella isn't with Edward, then what's the whole point of Twilight?

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Kathleen Armstrong said...

I would also recommend skimming #3. But #4 was my favorite.