Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays Slideshow

Merry Christmas! Every year I'm humbled and thankful when the frenzied holiday season comes to a close. This year is no different. I think it's just the prospect of rest and relaxation that the new year rings in each year. January through March is always bitterly cold, but also slow and uneventful, which will be welcome with open arms around here.

But, this holiday season was especially fun. We spent Thanksgiving at home with Mimi, Aunt Kimmy, Ellie & Cole and participated with enthusiasm in the Black Friday shopping craze. D.J. and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on Dec 11th and spent lots of nights out with each other and friends this holiday season. A big thanks to our wonderful sitters (and the year isn't over quite yet...see you tomorrow Nikki)! We had our Hartman Christmas here in Chicago the Sunday before and spent Christmas Eve at Molly's house with Katie & Jack...Thank you Kay & Big Jack for always making us feel like family. Anna & Josie slept in their own beds on Christmas Eve (I'm sure with sugarplums dancing in their heads) and had so much fun Christmas morning. We only had a couple minor fits of jealous rage with present envy! :-) Then we packed up the next day and headed to Cincinnati to see Nana, Papa and the rest of the Hartman/Buening family.

So, I literally have over 1,000 I put together a very condensed slideshow:

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and just a couple for fun below...

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