Monday, January 11, 2010

Pocket Full Of Posies

As I've said before, I've been having a love affair with Benefit...and not just for their cute packaging and creative marketing, but because their stuff is amazing. Are those pretty cheeks of yours always too red? too pink? too orange? too powdery? too fake? Well, forget all those lil' old lady powders...I've got the answer...Posietint! I have been through bottle after bottle after bottle of this stuff. Benefit launched Posietint years after their original Benetint and I must say it's a major improvement to it's older sister.
What it is:A poppy-tinted lip and cheek stain. What it does: Benefit's Posietint is a petal-pink stain that plants a kiss of see-through tint on cheeks and lips. With hours of smudge-proof, just-picked perfection, you'll be the prettiest bloom in the bunch!
My advice for not use the applicator. Instead use your finger. Posietint starts to dry/stain immediately upon application. So, if you use the brush, you may see little pink streaks. I simply take my finger to the applicator to get a pea sized amount and then rub in circles on my cheekbones briefly until blended well. Do one cheek at a time.
Enjoy your perfectly flushed cheeks!

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