Monday, January 4, 2010

The Road Not Taken

Have you ever wondered how the h*ll you got here? And I don't mean in a physical sense, like "how did I get in front of my laptop today"?...oh yea, that's right, 5 minutes ago I walked over and sat down in front of it. No, I mean like the paths you've taken, roads you've traveled. Yesterday while I was putting away the final remnants of this decade's last holiday season my mind started to wander a bit. Is it really 2010? Wait, wasn't it just yesterday that I was sitting in the bleachers at a high school football game, freezing my @ss off without a care in the world besides making sure I looked cute? No, it wasn't...that was a long stinkin time ago. And I've traded that life over again several times now.

It's interesting how certain paths we take lead us down other paths, which would ultimately change our whole entire lives. Let me preface this by first saying that I have been given immeasurable blessings and would not change one little thing. But, yesterday, in my cozy living room surrounded by the two most beautiful little creatures, I in the world did I get here? What would've happened if I had made different choices, where would I be right now? What if I had chosen a different college or stayed in Europe after graduating from Miami. Knowing my independent, spirited self, I'm kinda surprised I didn't. What if after college, I had chosen another city to run off to...NYC, LA. Even becoming a Pi Phi changed the course of my life...I certainly wouldn't have known Erin, so I would have never met D.J. What if instead, I married one of my old boyfriends...or someone I was gonna meet, but never did. Or what if I had never gotten married...what if I was still single somewhere. What if I didn't have lunch with D.J. that one last time. Hmmm, doesn't it make you it all predestined? I dunno.

And don't you wonder what little decision might change your life next?

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Christina said...

I think about it all the time! I am not saying I would ever change me life now, but I constantly wonder how I got here...was it one single decision or all of them put together. It is kinda of a fun game to ponder! :-)

Andrea Brogle said...

I think about this and have had all the same thoughts. I would not have my three beautiful children if I had not married Ronny. Maybe I would have three kiddos but they would be completely differnt-I would be different. It is funny how things come to be...