Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Gift Of Giving

I have found that giving feels best when it's anonymous, when nothing at all is expected in return. There's just some sort of peace that exists when you do something purely for the goodwill of someone else. Giving with expectations doesn't feel good, it doesn't feel right....expectations of thank yous, acknowledgement and praise. Really, if those type of expectations exist, is it really giving?...or does the gift or good deed suddenly become a selfish act?...and is that why it feels best to give anonymously?

Look at that adorable face above. This picture is of Kate McRae, who I know many of you are already familiar with. If you haven't read her story, you can read it HERE and follow her mom, Holly's blog. Each and every day this little 6 year old is fighting for her life when just a few short months ago she was living without a care in the world, the way every little girl should. In December, Kate spent her 6th birthday in the hospital, very ill. As I posted previously HERE, my friend Kim at The TomKat Studio threw her the sweetest little birthday party in her hospital room. And when I found out what she was planning, I just had to send something....something small, but something I hoped would make Kate happy, even if just for a moment. Something anonymous...

Which is why I was shocked when I checked my mail this afternoon and found a hand written thank you note from her parents and the sweetest pictures of Kate. Of course, I cried again. But really? I can't believe they even took one second out of their time with her to write this note to me, so unexpected...I'm just so touched. What an amazing family! I know today will be a very difficult day for Kate. Please, please pray for her and continue praying....there is no better way to start this lenten season.

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Anonymous said...

Kars - this is when you have to read the book I gave you for Christmas. 29 Gifts. It is the best. Everyone should read it! Love and prayers to Kate.