Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Built-In Entertainment

I'm finding that one of the best things about having a 3 1/2 yr old around is the constant flow of entertainment. Anna's just so funny! I have to share her ramblings from tonight...

First off, I apparently have a boyfriend that I am unaware of. Tonight while we were praying for our usual list of loved ones, somewhere between Aunt this and cousin that, she slips in "mommy's boyfriend" and then continues on with herself. So, I stop her and ask "what did you just say?...who is mommy's boyfriend?" and she erupts into belly shaking giggles. She then tells me that it was an accident and she didn't mean to say that, but she apparently thinks the idea of it is so funny. Then I realize...this child is laughing at me!! I realize that I must be so old and uncool in her eyes that I couldn't possibly have a boyfriend. So, I triumphantly exclaimed "Well, Anna, as a matter of fact, I do have a boyfriend". Her laughing abruptly stopped and she looked at me wide eyed with a very worried look and said "mommy, what? you have a boyfriend?" and I said "yep, and his name is daddy". Sorry D.J., she thought that was even funnier.

The other hilarious thing she said tonight was practically said in her sleep. I had eaten a chocolate chip cookie just minutes before I went upstairs to check on the girls before heading to bed. While in Anna's room, I bent down to tuck her in and kiss her on the cheek (she usually doesn't wake up). But tonight, as soon as my lips hit her cheek, her groggy eyes flew open and she exclaimed "I smell chocolate"! LOL

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