Sunday, March 28, 2010

This Dude Is Scary

He is. Let's face it...The Easter Bunny is one scary dude. He even freaks me out a bit. So why is it that each Easter we all torture our poor children by taking them to "sit on the Easter Bunny's Lap"? I dunno, but we do. So yesterday we did just that...we took the girls on what was supposed to be a fun family outing to see the Easter Bunny. Josie just had one look at him and lost her mind. I mean, she completely freaked out. But we had taken the time to get all cute and hauled everyone out over to the mall, so of course come hell or high water we were gonna get that pic. I mean, who doesn't have a decade's worth of pics of their kids freaking out on Santa's lap? One day she'll look back at this picture, laugh and say "aw, wasn't I cute?...look at me crying and freaking out...isn't that just the cutest thing...I was so upset, how cute was I just freaking out like that?".
Huh?? No!...isn't this like child abuse or something? ha Josie was so discombobulated after her 5 seconds sitting near (not even on) the Easter Bunny that she couldn't even get her bearings about her. She was just walking in circles and running away from us screaming. She wouldn't even come near me...I think the thought of me bringing her back into even the vacinity of the Easter Bunny literally put the fear of God in her.
But, on the other side of the Easter Bunny's lap sat Anna Jane, timid but smiling and happy. She was scared, but her desire for presents totally overrode her fear. See, she had to be sure that the Easter Bunny knew exactly which Bike she wants him to bring her for Easter this year.

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Kimmy said...

Coleman took one look at the photo of the Easter Bunny you posted and screamed - haha....

If I remember correctly, I have no photo of Ellie and Cole with the Easter Bunny from last year. We were there in Chicago visiting with you. While at your mall, Ellie and Cole peeked at the Bunny while we were there but neither of them would go sit on his lap. Maybe its just your mall bunny? :)

Give poor Josie hugs from me and tell Anna how proud I am of her! Love you all....