Sunday, April 11, 2010

Show Me The Bagels!

If you think by giving up bread you may be able to shed a few LBs, think again. Well, I should take that probably would if you did it the right way. But, not so much when you end up substituting salami and potato chips for the bread you are sacrificing. I think I mentioned previously that I gave up bread for lent...yep, 6 weeks. And I was totally committed! Not one little crumb touched my lips for 6 weeks (ok, outside of a couple sundays where I had some pizza crust).

So imagine how many pieces of deli sliced turkey it would take to fill you up at lunchtime...maybe the entire bag from the deli counter. So, instead of turkey, most days I'd have WAY too many slices of salami or roast beef and top it off with some cheese and prolly some potato chips. Gross, I know. But, have you ever tried to get full day after day without bread? And I'm not a big pasta eater, so I maybe had pasta once in the 6 weeks of lent.

Well, lo and behold, lent comes to an end, I step on the scale and have gained 3 lbs. I didn't eat a single bread crumb for 6 weeks and gained 3 lbs. How could this happen? Well, I googled the amount of fat in one piece of deli salami and found up to 9 grams. Uh, I think I found my answer.

So needless to say, no more fatty lunch meats for me....and I've had a big fat round doughy bagel every single morning since Easter Sunday.

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Erin H. said...

I am SURE you still look amazing! You forgot the part about drenching in ranch dressing. Smooches to y'all.