Thursday, May 6, 2010

Foofa Frenzy

O. M. G. Someone please save me from the Foofa frenzy. Look at Miss Foofa up there looking all peaceful and innocent. Right. I am subjected to the Yo Gabba Gabba madness on a daily basis and yesterday Josie received a very thoughtful and considerate b-day gift from her Mimi in the mail. A talking Foofa.

Well, someone call the President because Foofa sparked World War 3 over here....tears and fits of jealous rage from Anna and possessive screams from Josie. As Josie clutched Foofa for dear life, a few times I asked her nicely if Anna could just hold her Foofa for a moment. This only prompted her to grip Foofa tighter and scream at me "NO!! MY HOO-HA" Yes, she calls her hoo-ha.

And at bedtime I thought maybe I had a window of opportunity for Anna to play with Foofa because Josie went to bed and accidentally left Foofa in Anna's bed. Boy was I stupid. 60 seconds after leaving her room and right as Anna is thinking Foofa is all hers...

we hear frantically from Josie's room..."HOO-HA!!"

And this morning I woke up to desperate screams coming from Anna's room...."Mommy, where's my Foofa?!?!?!" You didn't get Foofa Anna, Josie did. "Yes I did, where's my Foofa????" Anna you're dreaming.

It was small miracle that I even got Josie to school without a major meltdown over parting ways with her Foofa pal. My only saving grace was that 'Hoo-ha' said that she would sit in Josie's carseat and wait for her to get out of school.

Foofa hasn't even been here 24 hours and we already have tears and blood shed.

Thanks mom.

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