Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Frenched The Dog

Well, almost. Tonight we were running late, so naturally I slaved in the kitchen and made my kids a gourmet meal. A Kids Cuisine. I also made a salad plate for myself, but after "more milk", "my fork!", and fits over eating enough for dessert, the next thing I knew it was bathtime and I had yet to take a bite. So I figured I'd get around to eating later and left my meal on the table.

As soon as dance party and bathtime were over, we came back down and I hoped to sit and eat. But as soon as I sat down I realized that almost all of my salad dressing was gone from it's little disposable container (I was using my fav take out salad dressing). I immediately went to Anna to blame her for the missing salad dressing and ask her what she did with it. She denied it vehemently, but I didn't believe her. Surely if Josie had gotten her hands on it, she'd be covered head to toe in vinaigrette. This also coming from a child who just a few days ago while sitting at her mini table and coloring vigorously right on it herself with a marker, yelled over her shoulder (not thinking I was looking), "Mommy!!!..Josie is coloring on the table!!".

So after huffing and puffing with her for about 30 seconds, I marched back over to the table and picked up a big piece of lettuce with my fork and jammed it into the container trying to get the little bit left at the very bottom. I swooshed it back and forth and all around...I was getting every last drop if it killed me. Afterward, I do this 2 more times.

See, I didn't give myself enough time to really think this through. But, it slowly dawned on me. Anna was with me the entire time, so when would she have done this? Also, if she did take the salad dressing out, where was it? There was a little bit on the table, but not an entire container full. And what? she took a spoon to it and ate it like ice cream! I don't think so.

So, I was the dog. The dog must have gotten her little face just high enough to lick, lick, lick the center of the container...but she couldn't quite reach it enough to knock it off the table so she could finish it off (which explains the little bit left in the bottom).


If that weren't bad enough, I spent the rest of the evening profusely apologizing to Anna for blaming her. I told her that sometimes mommies are wrong and asked her if she would forgive me. She said she would, but she made sure that I knew that on Kai-Lan (one of her favorite shows), Tolee doesn't forgive Rintoo.

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