Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Perfect Present

I love being a mom...for reasons like tonight. Tonight Anna's class threw a Luau Party for all the mom's for mother's day. We dressed up, had treats, did fun projects and the kids put on a little performance for us. I definitely had my mom glow on. Anna was so cute...each time she would do her little part in their performance, she would finish, look right at me and her whole face would be beaming with pride. It might help that I was the obnoxious mom in the back with the "whoot whoot"s and the "yay Anna"s! :) Anyway, at that moment, there was just no place else I'd rather be...and looking around at all the waterworks, it seems all the moms felt the same way.

But, the best part of the party was one of my gifts! Anna made me a beautiful picture and on the back were her answers to questions her teacher had asked her about me and it was titled "My Mommy". This is when the entertainment began. All of the kids were asked the same questions about their mommies...and after only a moment of reading our sheets, most mom's were in hysterical laughter. Here are some of the funny answers that I can remember from a bunch of 3 yr olds:

My mommy looks beautiful....when she puts her hair on.

My mommy is....200 years old.

The nicest thing she ever did for me me stuff.

My mommy loves to the bed with my daddy.

This one below is the best one of all...just to set the stage, the mother of the little girl who wrote this has her hair highlighted pretty blond and has obvious dark roots...I'm already laughing and I haven't even typed it!:

My mommy's....eyes are small and she has beautiful black hair underneath. LOL!!!

Jeez, these 3 yr olds. Such entertainment. Ok, so I have to share all of Anna's answers. This might bore you, but I just love my present!

My Mommy by Anna

My Mommy's eyes and she has beautiful long hair

She is...35 years old and her favorite colors are pink and purple. (just to set the record straight, i am NOT 35 yrs old)

Her favorite flower is...yellow.

She loves to

The best thing she makes for me

She takes good care of me and makes me feel better when...she lays on the couch with me.

My Mommy likes me to eat to...stay happy and healthy.

I think she looks beautiful when...she has lipstick on.

The nicest thing she ever did for me was....hold me.

My Mommy and I like to the Mickey Mouse store together.

This year for Mother's Day I want to tell her....that I love her.

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Kimmy said...

Sooo sweet! Happy Mother's Day!

Sarah said...

this is so freaking adorable!

Nicole said...

just the cutest!!

Mols2334 said...

Ok, so this does make me excited for baby to come, that is adorable. I love that age when they just are so candidly hilarious.

Krissy said...

Hi there! somehow stumbled across your blog here :)

My daughter did a similar thing at school and brought it home and she wrote down I was 14 yrs old. Too funny :)