Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Facebook Rules

So, yes, I am a self proclaimed lover of Facebook. I think the concept is genius and as someone who appreciates my social circles, I am happy that I can come to one place and see what all of my people are up to. And yea, that includes best friends, close friends, acquaintances and even a few people that I don't even know very well.

However, I do think a few rules need to be established...maybe even be made into law.

#1. Do not post on your wall for all the world to see the demise that is your relationship. I don't want to read about how much you hate someone or how wronged you were. I don't want to know the intimate details of the argument you had or the terrible things he/she said to you. Keep your wall light and your personal agony private. Call your best friend to air your dirty laundry...

#2. Would you please give up the games? The Farmville, the Mafia Wars, the Fish and Zoo whatever. Come on people!! Each time I think I have a game blocked, a new one pops up on my news feed. Please let it go. What is really going to happen if your crops die???

3. Please do not post every little tiny thing that you do all day, every day. You went to the grocery store, yay. You're at work, yay. You're in the car on the way home from work, yay. You just took a pee, yay. You just cut your toenails, yay. Really, I love my news feed, so post all you want...just make it relevant!!

4. I just have 2 words to say: ' Tagging Etiquette'. Need I say more?

5. Why leave us hanging? Posts like "The best thing happened to me today" or "What a tragedy" can become a research project if not ignored as I go fishing through your profile to find out what you are talking about. Just spill it!!

6. Don't stalk. If I "ignored" your friendship request the first time because I have no idea who you are, please don't turn around and send me another friend request.

7. Play nice on the playground. If you don't like something that someone else posted, ignore it. Unless they are asking for your opinion, just simply move along...

8. Wynne, this one's for you ;) If I wished you a Happy Birthday by phone, text message AND sent you a hand written card in the mail...don't get pissy that I didn't write it on your Facebook wall!!

9. Keep posting pictures!! I love seeing pics of the babies, the kids, the moms, dads, adults, places you go, things you do...everything really. Old pics, new pics, funny pics, sweet pics, event pics, dumb pics, amazing pics...all of them!!

10. No, really, just keep posting in general. I love hearing what you're up to, the trips you take, the new things in your lives, kids birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and the funny everyday stuff. I actually wish most people posted more!

Just a reminder...this is the last automatic email I'm sending out in case you are receiving my updates in your inbox and didn't read the last message. From now on, if you'd like to read, please just come visit on occasion when you feel like it!

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Amy said...

I have one to add to your list: no need to tell me exactly where you are all the time!